THEATRES. Unique spaces for exciting experiences.

The theatre is a place where emotions are shared and the best possible solutions in terms of visibility and perception must be guaranteed, so that everyone can enjoy the experience in complete comfort.

The seating alignment, the slope and height differences in the floor, in addition to the diverse construction elements, are fundamental variables of the project developed by DEKO with its team of designers and technicians, always aiming to create optimal solutions.

The DEKO seating is designed to ensure comfort, ergonomics and style. The models in the DEKO collection are interpreted according to specific needs or custom-created to give each installation a distinctive character.

ACOUSTICS. Acoustic excellence, for an immersive experience.

In the design of large public spaces such as theatres, auditoriums and lecture halls, DEKO guarantees rigour, technique and skill in the creation of a seating design that contributes to clear sound diffusion.

Attention to every mechanical intervention and the use of padded elements on the lateral parts of the seats and on the armrests ensure silent seats that do not disturb the listening experience, even in the event of movement during the performance.

To optimize the acoustics, DEKO is also involved in the study and production of wall-mounted sound absorbing elements.

SAFETY. Always in the front row.

In addition to checking the layout of the auditorium according to fire safety regulations, DEKO applies custom and standard systems for producing fireproof and totally or partially removable seats, making it possible to temporarily modify the auditorium according to the requirements of each individual event.

To facilitate the escape route in the event of an emergency or fire, DEKO designs seats and tablet arms provided with controlled tip-up mechanisms guaranteeing immediate release, free from obstacles. The company carries out static test simulations, fire reaction tests and harmful substance emission analyses.

STYLE AND PRODUCTS MADE TO LAST: the essence of Deko quality

DEKO selects the best materials for its products which express substance, high quality, style and attention to detail. Wood, steel, leather, eco-leather and fabrics must comply with standards of durability, comfort, health and wellbeing, in addition to offering the maximum in terms of aesthetics.

The upholstery complies with the highest standards in terms of resistance to light and abrasion. Seats and components undergo tests to guarantee resistance, durability and safety, and also acoustic tests, ergonomics assessments, physical-mechanical tests and chemical analyses on the materials.

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