DEKO has been a leader in the community seating sector for over 50 years. Expressing the best of Italian style and production talent, it designs and produces seating for theaters, auditoriums, conference halls, lecture halls and sports facilities, carrying out important projects worldwide.

Quality, creativity, technical research and artisan know-how are the values that DEKO offers its customers: for designers, architects and partner firms, DEKO is an expert and attentive point of reference, able to supervise all phases of the project with multidisciplinary skills.


Our job is to develop and give concrete form to our customers’ projects: our ongoing research into design, ergonomics, technical innovation, use of the most advanced materials, also experimentally, and the dependability achieved in decades of international experience as manufacturers of community seating make a vital contribution to this process.

In the furnishing of community areas, theatres, auditoriums, lecture halls and sports facilities, we are involved in all stages of development: sharing of the initial idea, study of the forms and final layout, production of the rendering, selection of the materials, and setting up the site with specialist teams. Deko’s commitment goes beyond completion of the work, with the after-sale technical support and maintenance service to guarantee maximum durability and efficiency of its products.


Every DEKO product is unique. It is designed for a specific project, for a given place at a certain time. The challenge we set ourselves is to continuously engage with the ideas of architects and designers, in order to implement the best and most original solutions.

We meticulously analyse every aspect of the space and structure to best respond to the project requirements and comply with the current laws. In this way we successfully achieve a set of important objectives: aesthetic value, functionality, efficiency, final comfort and an exciting experience.

Our custom product, made to measure for each customer, and the ample opportunities for adapting also our standard products to a wide range of different requirements, make DEKO-furnished public spaces unique.


The DEKO seats can be provided with cable management and accommodate any equipment. Both the standard and custom-made DEKO products can be integrated with advanced technologies, which are part of the contemporary experience, such as touch screens, power outlets, microphones and integrated communication systems.

In this way seating becomes not only an ideal place for physical wellbeing but also functional to the need for knowledge and exchange of information between individuals.